• 23/24 Show Schedule:

    Nov. 30th @ 7pm (It was a fantastic show!  A big thank you to everyone who came out to see it!)

    Jan. 11th @ 7pm

    Mar. 21st @ 7pm

    Tickets:  $5   Sold online: Online Ticket Sales and at the door (cash only at the door)

    rvh improv

    Captain:  Arman Jaiswal


    Emmi Caretti

    Beckett Rice

    Crystal Wilson

    Ava Rotell

    Sydney Ivey

    Chance McGill

    Jack Olson

    Robyn Mourad

    Krishnan Patel

    Megan Sawyer

    Michelle Harris

    Henley Ellwanger 


    Every other Tuesday at 8:30am starting Oct. 3rd.  Some months may have more. (please see calendar for additional dates)


Last Modified on December 1, 2023