• 2024/2025 CAPPIES

    Riverside HS Theatre is proud to be a member of the Cappies Competition!

    The Cappies is a writing and awards program that trains high school theatre and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers, and leaders.

    Student critics vie to be published in local media outlets by attending productions at other schools and writing critical reviews.  Theatre and journalism students are trained as critics and attend each other’s shows. Cappies students discuss and learn about theatre productions. Throughout the year, newspapers publish the reviews with the students' bylines.

    At the end of the year, Cappies student critics decide who among their peer performers and technicians should be recognized for awards at the end of the season with glamor and excitement.

    Each participating school selects a show to be attended and forms a team of 3 to 9 student critics and 2 adult volunteers in the fall. Shows may have between 20 and 90 critics in attendance. Critic teams and mentors gather in a private discussion room to perform pre, mid, and post-show discussions. The technical and performance aspects of the show are discussed with provided documentation from the host school.

    After each show, with adult oversight, the mentors and program director select the best written reviews to be sent to local press outlets. All the reviews are also sent back to the performing school.

    At the end of the season, a Tony Awards-like celebration occurs, where all nominated shows perform a cut or the critics' choice song, and the final Cappies awards are presented with a trophy by regional critics and peers.

    Marilyn Gilligan, your Cappies Director and Sponsor

    Announcing our 2023/2023 CAPPIES CRITIC LEAD!

    Lead Critic: Ethan King

    Cappies Application Info coming soon!



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