Park View High School Replacement

Park View High School Replacement
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    LCPS Educational Specification (Ed Spec)

    LCPS maintains active, working Educational Specification documents (Ed Spec) for Elementary, Middle and High School standards.  The Ed Spec identifies the minimum requirements for the facility and is based on LCPS and VDOE requirements and guidelines.  The current HS Educational Specification (Exhibit E) has been updated through the design process to date for Park View HS. The current HS Ed Spec Program has been updated for the Park View High School – this is the listing of spaces, numbers of spaces and their minimum sizes.  This supersedes the base Program in the working Ed Spec document. 

    A few notes on the Ed Spec:

    1. The Ed Spec contains information that is not intended for public information pertaining to security or other sensitive design and operations aspects.  Sensitive information has been redacted in this posted copy.


    1. Technology applications are frequently changing.  For example, in the HS Ed Spec, you will see reference to Epson boards and associated technology for teaching walls.  LCPS is currently using Promethean boards in teaching spaces.  Specifications for current technology are always a work in progress.  LCPS staff works actively with the design consultants to share the most current equipment standards for individual projects.


    1. The Program listing of spaces will sometimes vary as the actual plans develop.  For example, a Classroom may be listed at 750 SF and be provided as 755 SF.  This is closely monitored by LCPS staff and reviewed at each submission to ensure all standards are met. 


    1. The Program listing of spaces includes Room Names that may be more specific than the actual uses of the space.  For example, many of the CTE Classrooms are listed as specific functions, however, the objective is flexible design that allows for classrooms to be used to support multiple course offerings, when possible.


    1. The Program listing also includes general requirements for the Outbuildings on the site which largely support Athletics but also include a new Marching Band Storage Building.


    Ed Spec Exhibit

    Ed Specs Program

  • Community Meetings and Feedback

    Park View High School Replacement Design Listening Session September 6, 2023

    Park View Community Responses and Q&A to September 6, 2023 Meeting

    Community Listening Session for Concept Design November 1, 2023

    Design Development Presentation from February 5, 2024

    Video from Presentation from February 5, 2024

    Next Meeting is planned for June/July 2024; Date to be Announced

    Park View High School Replacement Feedback Form

  • Design Team

    GWWO Architects...Architecture, Interior Planning

    Columbia Engineering, Inc...Structural Engineering

    CMTA...Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering, Fire Protection, IT/AV/Security Design

    Urban LTD...Civil Engineering

    Nyikos Garcia, Inc...Food Service Consulting

    Koffel Associates, Inc...Code Consulting

    Acoustical Design Collaborative...Acoustical & Theater Consulting

    Downey & Scott, LLC...Cost Estimating

  • Construction

    Dustin Construction...Construction Manager

  • Park View High School Replacement Feedback Form
  • Project Name:  Park View High School Replacement

    The School Board Adopted FY2024-FY2029 Capital Improvement Program funds the Park View High School Replacement project.  The project involves the construction of an estimated 295,000 square foot building which will serve students in grades nine through twelve.  With an anticipated capacity of 1,800, the high school will include classrooms, cafeteria, auditorium, media center, gymnasium, an auxiliary gymnasium, outdoor physical education fields, and other associated spaces to support the high school program.  The project involves the construction of the new school on the current stadium and athletic fields; upon completion of new facility, the existing school building will be razed and new outdoor athletic facilities will be constructed where the former school was sited.  The new school is anticipated to open in fall 2027 (2027-2028 school year) and the new outdoor athletic facilities complete by the start of the 2028-2029 school year.    

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