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    Welcome to Ball's Bluff Elementary School!

    Mrs. Casey Smith and Mrs. Erin Ford are the School Counselors and looking forward to a FANTASTIC school year! Go Tigers!

    Although we will be dividing the grade levels for our guidance lessons and schedules, we are both here to support all children and will get to know each child. 

    Mrs. Smith will be leading 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade  bi-weekly lessons, and Mrs. Ford will be leading Kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th grade bi-weekly lessons in our classrooms. 

    Our monthly updates will be posted on this website, as well as Mrs. Ewing's principal's newsletter. 

    August and September are months we use to teach all student's the roles of a school counselor and how they can utilize us during the school year. We provide lessons for classrooms during their special blocks every other week. Kindergarten and 1st grade lessons are 25 minutes, 2nd through 5th grade lessons are 50 minutes. Lunch groups on various topics will be provided beginning in October. However, fun lunch bunches are ongoing all year and are a time for students to come with their friends and enjoy a quiet lunch in our classroom. Our classroom topics center around character education, academic, social, and career based activities. September we focus on having a Growth Mindset. This is the idea of encouraging yourself to try new things and not being too upset when we fail or make mistakes. Believing in yourself and striving to get better, even if you have practice more. We also remind students they are always learning and there is power in the word YET. When you catch yourself saying "I can't", finish it with the word "YET" and turn your mindset from a fixed to a growth mindset!


    OCTOBER is Bully Prevention and Awareness month. Guidance lessons will be focused on the difference between being mean -vs- bullying. All students are encouraged to be good bystanders and stick up for one another. The steps we teach to help stop bullying are to recognize what bullying is, report it to a trusted adult, and refuse to stand by. We want students to have the confidence to stand up for themselves and for others. Grade level information sheets were sent home with students to provide more information and links for families to visit if they are interested in learning more. 

    October is also the month we will be starting support groups. If you feel your child would benefit from a group, please email or call Casey Smith/Erin Ford. 

    Please join us in celebrating Unity Day October 18

    Show your support by wearing ORANGE



    DECEMBER and JANUARY are Ball's Bluff's months for kindness, acceptance, inclusion, diversity, and empathy! All classes have finished their Bully Prevention unit and have shown exceptional improvements on their knowledge of bullying vs meanness, bystander vs upstander, and how to report meanness. In January we will have a kindness dress up day and kindness challenge for students to participate in.

    Small groups are underway, individual counseling, counselor check-ins, and counselor fun lunches are ongoing. Please feel free to reach out should you have any concerns or need your child to be supported in any way. We are always here to help. Happy Holidays, Casey Smith and Erin Ford



     All students were given a copy of their grade level kindness challenges to encourage kind acts to be performed throughout the month. Any student who would like to turn their completed papers in with their names on them can sign the “Time for Kindness” bulletin board. Please encourage students to bring their filled-in sheets to the counselors' rooms this month! Also, on Friday, January 26 enjoy a HAT day to represent our theme, “hats off to kindness”.


    career bulletin board

    March through April we will be introducing all students to Schoolinks! A newsletter and directions for logging onto this new platform is going home with your child(ren) in February.

    All students in K-5th grade will have 3 lessons exploring this program and learning about exciting careers and educational opportunities. You have access to this and can monitor your child's interests and activities along the way. Schoolinks will be part of your child's journey through all of their years in LCPS. 

    The school counselors will also be leading students in 3rd through 5th grade through the LCPS climate survey during guidance lessons in Feb/Mar. 

    We are also encouraging anyone who has a unique career to provide a video for students to watch during our virtual career day this year!


    casey.smith@lcps.org    erin.ford@lcps.org 

Last Modified on February 23, 2024