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    School begins at 9:30 and ends at 4:18. Any student arriving after 9:30 is considered tardy.

    Students should be IN THEIR CLASSROOMS at 9:30!


    1.  ALL Absences, Tardies and Early Dismissals are requested be reported ELECTRONICALLY via Parent-VUE or email the Attendance Office at  BRHattendance@lcps.org.  PRE-PLANNED ABSENCES of more than ONE day require the completion of a Student Absence Notirfication Form


    2. Due to volume and necessary verification, neither phone calls nor handwritten notes are accepted.


     3. When Early Dismissal requests are submitted in advance, students and their teacher will receive an electronic pass via E-hallpass, check out at the Attendance Window, and meet their parent outside the front door/visitor parking lot. It’s helpful if you text them when you arrive. We DO NOT call into the classrooms via the intercom.


    Early dismissal requests should be received NO LATER than 2:30 pm and take at least ONE HOUR to process. Any requests received after 2:30 pm, or with shorter than one hour's notice, require a parent to come in and check their student out.  Please plan accordingly.


     There will be no early dismissals granted after 3:30 pm.  


    STUDENTS who come in late or leave early MUST come to the Office/Attendance Window to check IN or OUT. They must enter/exit via the MAIN OFFICE/FRONT DOOR.


    4. PARENTS who need students quickly/haven’t requested an Early Dismissal at least one hour in adavnce, must come into the school. This will take 10-15 minutes. We CANNOT request your student come to the office until you arrive. Once you show ID and submit an electronic request, a pass will be sent to them via E-Hall Pass.


     5. Any student who BECOMES ILL at school must GO TO THE CLINIC TO BE DISMISSED. 


    Excused reasons for tardy/early dismissal/absence are:

    • Student illness

    • Doctor/dentist appointments (with notes from the doctor)

    • Court appearances (with documentation from the court)

    • Death in the family

    • Emergencies approved by the Principal or an Assistant Principal.


    6. Examples of Unexcused tardy/early dismissal/absence are:

    • Overslept

    • Missed bus/no transportation/car issues

    • Traffic

    • Running errands

    • Staying home to do homework/participating online/sub in the classroom/study hall

    • Job/job interviews


    REMINDER FOR ATHLETES:  All student athletes must be in school on time in order to participate in an athletic activity or practice on that day.  Student athletes and managers must remain in school the entire day.  Exceptions may be made for doctor/dental appointments or reasons excused by the principal.  A doctor/dentist note or proper documentation is required for this exception.