• Chorus is held after school as part of the PTA's ASEP program. It is open to 4th and 5th grade students who love to sing. The hour-long session is spent doing warm-ups, learning new music, and rehearsing for performances. During that time we might play a game and take a "water break", but students should come prepared to work hard! 

    There will be 2 sessions:

    1. Fall Chorus - we learn a variety of songs and prepare 2 pieces to perform at the Holiday Sing-Along in December. We will also sing holiday carols in the halls during arrival on one of the mornings right before Winter Break.

    2. Spring Chorus - this will be an extra long session that spans the 2nd and 3rd ASEP sessions. Students who sign up for Chorus during ASEP Sessioin #2 are committed to being in Chorus throughout the Spring, including during Session #3. The goal of this Chorus is to perform a Spring Concert (evening event) in late April or early May.

    Specific dates for the Fall Chorus will be published in the ASEP sign-ups.