Assistant Principal

    Greetings to my Freedom Family,

    We are all different. We have different backgrounds, different upbringings and different beliefs. Along with all these differences, we also carry different pasts and experiences. Unity is the one way we can truly appreciate other people’s gifts and allow them to live and work while being comfortable with their existence. Since it is believed that unity can be considered a condition of harmony, it is one way despite our differences, can come together to accomplish anything. And if these assertions are correct, then “Where there is Unity, there is Freedom.”

    We all have different states of mind and points of views. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, and I share a similar belief that human behavior is "always changing situation to situation, moment to moment and second to second." My change brings me from the simple town of Danville, VA to serving in the United States Army, earning an undergraduate degree in English from Old Dominion University and an Educational Leadership degree from Hood College. If you could take a snapshot of my career, you would see me acting as the character Grendel in the story Beowulf in a high school English classroom or pacing the sideline as a college and high school basketball coach.

    I began my career as an administrator at Broad Run High School on December 19, 2019, and it is a date I will never forget because three months later came the pandemic which changed our lives forever but more importantly, taught all of us many lessons. One of those lessons is valuing the importance of family and mental health. So, when away from student-filled hallways, I can be found spending quality time with Geovanna (the apple of my eye), Quentin and Traneau (my adorable children) and my mother (my everything). When I am not spending time with family, my Saturdays are consumed with driving a motorized golf cart while chasing that elusive hole in one.

    So, if it is true that we all are different with different cultures, values and morals, unity will give us the strength to accept and respect those differences. It is exciting to know that I will be part of this Freedom family that is the epitome of UNITY and FREEDOM.