• How do I get help with my Chromebook?

    1. Talk to a teacher or a friend.  If you can fix it, YAY!
    2. If you can't fix the issue, look for the Support Center icon in your LCSPGo account. Click on the dark blue + button (Request New or Report). Then click on Broken Computer Incident. Select Request and then answer the questions on the screen and below, in number 3.
    3. Click on Support Center to submit an incident report.  Be VERY specific about the problem.  The more detail, the faster the repair.support center
    4. WHEN does the issue happen?
    5. WHAT does the issue look like? 
    6. HOW have you tried to fix it?  
    7. Write that you are an in-person student.
    8.  Submit the incident, (red arrow, top left of ticket) 

    You may also stop by Study 3/4 (by the back stairwell below 6th grade) to see the DES for help.

    Chargers: You can order a new charger through the JML Online Payment Portal.

Last Modified on August 20, 2023