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    Life Science 2023-2024: Year Overview 

    *All class notes, labs, and assignments will be posted in Schoology. 
    *Absent/Late work can be found in the Late work folder on Schoology.  
    *In Need Help Schoology folder, there is also an appointment sign-up Google Form to get help during Resource. Students are welcome to just drop in any time during my planning blocks (my schedule will be posted in the Schoology Need Help folder and in the classroom). If I'm not in a meeting or on school duty, I'll be glad to support you.
    *Students put their phones away during the instructional time. If a parent/legal guardian wants to reach a student urgently, the front office phone number is
    (571) 252-2030. See my Syllabus (provided at the Open House) for more details. 

    Floating Units:
    Scientific Investigation, Metric System of Measurement and Conversion, Organizing data into tables & graphs, Data interpretation, Science vocabulary, Scientific writing, Annotated reading in Science, Cornell note-taking  

    Quarter 1
    First 4 weeks of school:
    Nature of Science, Careers in Science, Lab Safety, Lab Equipment

    Unit 1: Characteristics & Organization of Living Things

    Unit 2: Cell Structure/Function
    Quarter 2

    Unit 3: Cell Transport

    Unit 4: Cell Energy

    Unit 5: Cell Division

    Unit 6: Structure and Function of DNA

     Quarter 3

    Unit 7: Heredity and Genetics

    Unit 8: Evolution

    Unit 9: Classification

     Quarter 4

    Unit 10: Energy Flow

    Unit 11: Ecology. Ecological Interactions 

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