• Talent Development Programs:

    The Talent Development program provides support to senior-level, non-instructional, leaders with their professional growth and day-to-day leadership journey, as well as support for other leaders and teams within non-instructional departments.  The programs and services include:

    One-on-One Talent Development Coaching:  Talent development coaching provides division-level leaders with a thought partner to work through challenging situations with a significant focus on the human resources aspect of leadership.  Talent development coaching provides participants with:  a trusted advisor, strategic thought partner, leadership support outside of their department, and a non-evaluative place where leaders can be completely vulnerable without the fear of being compromised.

    Team Talent Development Coaching:  Talent development coaching for a team provides a thought partner to help strengthen team cohesion and collaboration, and ultimately help the team focus on the priorities of their work assignments for improved relationships and workplace culture.  

    Team Workshops:  Facilitated workshops provide non-instructional departments with an opportunity to engage in a variety of workshops to enhance teamwork, communication, workplace culture, etc.  These are available for departments and individual teams within BNF, HRTD, DDI, and SUP, with the benefit of the department/team leader being able to participate in the workshop with their team.  A variety of workshop options are available and can be customized to meet the needs of the department/team.

    Talent Development Growth Series (NEW for 2023-24):  The Talent Development Growth Series will utilize Leadercast Presentations, which are pre-recorded presentations about various leadership topics by various leadership experts.  There will be up to 10 sessions offered during the school year and will include facilitated large group and small group discussions after viewing the presentation together.

    Customer Service Academy (NEW Pilot for 2023-24):  This academy is geared toward central office and departmental staff that serve in front-line roles communicating with staff, parents, and community members.  The academy's goals are:  to provide training in the areas of effective communication, conflict resolution, and cultural competence, in communicating with stakeholders; to provide training in how to manage difficult stakeholder phone calls and interactions; to provide a format for self-analysis to promote professional growth; to provide opportunities to network with staff across departments.

    Support Services Leadership Academy (SSLA):  This academy is geared toward staff within the Support Services Department.  The academy includes presentations and facilitated discussions.  The academy's goals are: to provide training in the area of leadership and management for leaders in Support Services; to provide a format for self-analysis within leadership roles to promote personal and professional growth; to provide training in the areas of effective communication, conflict resolution, team building, feedback, effective evaluations, and employee relations; to provide opportunities to network with other support services leaders across departments; to provide a recognition opportunity for support services leaders upon completion of the academy.