• In alignment with the Division’s Strategic Plan for Excellence, the Department of Human Resources and Talent Development (HRTD) focuses on having Exemplary Staff (GOAL 2) to ‘Cultivate high-performing teams of professionals committed to realizing our mission and goals.’  

    HRTD is committed to being the Employer of Choice and supporting the Employee Life Cycle, and the Talent Development program supports this commitment by helping with the growth and development of non-instructional leaders, teams, and departments.

    The Talent Development program provides support to senior-level, non-instructional, leaders with their professional growth and day-to-day leadership journey, as well as support for other leaders and teams within non-instructional departments.  The types of services provided include one-on-one talent development coaching, team talent development coaching, facilitating and creating customized workshops for teams, customized book studies, leadership academies, a growth series, and much more.