Counseling Beliefs, Mission, & Vision

  • The school counselors at Independence High School believe:

    • All students should be treated with and exhibit dignity and respect.
    • Given support, all students can excel and reach their mental and physical potential for optimal wellness.
    • All students have the ability to demonstrate personal responsibility and strive for accountability.
    • School, family, and community are integral to student success.
    • All students are unique and are empowered to utilize their strengths as a catalyst to fulfill their personal goals.
    • All students deserve a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment in which they can learn and grow.
    • All students should be engaged in a comprehensive school counseling program that will motivate them to meaningfully contribute to their community.
  • Mission

    The mission of the Independence High School counseling department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that supports all students socially/emotionally, academically, and in their college and career readiness. Through tiered interventions, consultation, and collaboration among stakeholders, school counselors advocate for students and help them to identify and overcome challenges that interfere with their achievement. Regardless of the choices they have made or their personal history, students will receive unconditional positive regard from their school counselors. School counselors acknowledge and work to break down systemic barriers to ensure that all students have equitable access to opportunities. Our counseling program will cultivate a foundation for every student to graduate with a sense of independence and responsibility to positively impact the world around them.

  • Vision

    All students at Independence High School have access to a comprehensive school counseling program that will help them impact others in a positive way, honor themselves by making positive decisions, and strengthen them to persevere through any challenge they face. Students will be encouraged to utilize their own unique strengths and perspectives to contribute to their diverse classrooms and community. Within an inclusive and engaging environment, students will be empowered to develop skills to advance their self reflection, personal growth, social consciousness, lifelong learning, and pursuit of excellence. The Independence High School counselors envision that all students will graduate with the necessary work ethic, resiliency, and advocacy skills required to achieve success in a global society.

Last Modified on July 11, 2023