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  • The Independence High School faculty encourages students to challenge themselves with rigorous courses in their areas of greatest interest and strength that align with their college and career goals. We also encourage students to consider their priorities and time commitments to find a schedule that allows them opportunity to explore their passions and maintain physical, social, and emotional wellness. 

  • AP Enrollment Information in LCPS

    LCPS has open enrollment for AP courses, meaning that any student who meets the grade and course prerequisites may enroll in an AP course. We strongly advise students to consider their teachers' course recommendations, as teachers base their recommendations on their knowledge of course expectations and consider students' strengths, academic promise, areas for growth, observations throughout the year, and academic progress data.  Students who have experienced success in AP courses demonstrate a commitment to learning, curiosity, self-advocacy, and a growth mindset.

  • AP Exam College Credit & Placement Information

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide a rigorous learning experience that may enable students to earn college credit based on their AP exam score. 

    Since policies for accepting AP exams scores for credit or placement are established by each individual college, students are encouraged to research the college's policies. 

    More information about AP exam credit policies may be found on the College Board website

  • AP Curriculum Information

    The curriculum of each AP course aligns with college-level coursework and is established by the College Board.  Information about the AP curriculum can be found on the College Board website.

Last Modified on July 7, 2023