• Independence High School hosts representational visits from these six branches of the Military every Wednesday from 11 am - 1 pm in front of the cafeteria.  Stop into the Career Center for more literature or information.  

David Moseley, SSgt  301-523-7427  david.moseley.1@us.af.mil

David Moseley, SSgt david.moseley.1@us.af.mil

Sgt Keturah Ellis  502-999-8513  keturah.d.ellis.mil@army.mil

Keturah D. Ellis, Sergeant keturah.d.ellis.mil@army.mil

Robert Garcia  robert.l.garcia@uscg.mil

Robert Garcia robert.l.garcia@uscg.mil

SSGT Joshua Paolucci  301-322-5818  Joshua.Paolucci@marines.usmc.mil

Joshua Paolucci, Staff Sergeant Joshua.Paolucci@marines.usmc.mil

Petty Officer Charmayne Bozeman 571-591-2109  charmayne.n.bozeman.mil@us.navy.mil

Charmayne Bozeman, Petty Officer charmayne.n.bozeman.mil@us.navy.mil

Joshua Foscato, SGT  ~ joshua.c.foscato.mil@army.mil and Brian Haley, SGT ~ brian.m.haley.mil@army.milHaley, SGT ~

Joshua Foscato, SGT joshua.c.foscato.mil@army.mil

Last Modified on March 6, 2024