One LCPS Videos

  • Goal 1: Empowered Students
    Students will be at the center of our work – valuing all students’ hopes and dreams and preparing them to make meaningful contributions to the world.

  • Goal 2: Exemplary Staff
    LCPS teachers, administrators, and staff are the most important factor in helping our students after their parents; seeing that staff are esteemed, exemplary, supported, and accountable is vital to student success.

  • Goal 3: Enriched Division
    LCPS must be aligned around our core educational mission for students and strengthen trust, listen humbly, value differences, and remain steadfast in ensuring every student is prepared to make meaningful contributions to the world.

  • Goal 4: Engaged Community
    Parents, families, and our community must be a support, guide, ally, and partner; there is no one more deeply invested in the success of students than their families.

Last Modified on May 31, 2023