• As part of the Leadership Academy program, students participate in a mentorship with local community members.  We collaborate with Sharon L. Wright, vice-chair of the LCPS School-Business Partnership, to match students who have developed a career path they are willing to explore with appropriate mentors. In the past, mentors have included real estate agents, interior designers, cybersecurity technicians, teachers, EMTs, historians, entrepreneurs, athletic trainers, military personnel, small business owners and more. Students who remain uncertain of their plans after high school are paired with mentors that help them further explore how their interests may open the door to a career path in which they find their passion.

    Mentorship is a cornerstone to the program and enables students to have a positive adult who can answer questions around education, certifications, values, work-life balance, and overcoming obstacles in their given fields.  The communications often leave students excited about their next steps and offer motivation as they graduate and enter a new phase of their lives.

    Any community member interested in being a prospective mentor and working with a student in the Leadership Academy program is welcome to reach out to Beth Visna.  

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