food recovery
  • The need in Loudoun is here, and often silent for our neighbors in need of food. Many neighbors are working, but sometimes extra help is needed to fill in the gap for those with food insecurity.

    Take a look at a couple ways you can take a stand against hunger:

    1. Gather donations for Loudoun Hunger Relief, and drop them off on a day they are open. Every bit goes a long way!
    2. Volunteer your time at food pantries and soup kitchens to help your neighbors in need directly.
    3. Reduce food waste by planning meals, buying only what you need, and composting leftovers.
    4. Advocate for systemic change by contacting your local elected officials and asking them to prioritize hunger relief programs.

    Drop your donation off at Loudoun Hunger Relief and pick up a self-serve receipt. No appointment is needed to donate food.

    Check the website and their social media pages for the current list of most needed items.

    Want to make a gift "in honor of" or "in memorial of" someone? Put your honoree's name in the dedication box and check box that asks to send an acknowledgment. Please visit their website to make a one-time or recurring donation.

  • Food recovery, or food rescue, is the practice of saving unused and edible food from being thrown away. Instead, the food is diverted to community organizations and emergency food programs to help those with increased need.  The Belmont Station Food Recovery Program was started in April 2023 and we have partnered with Loudoun Hunger Relief.  A refrigerator was donated to our cafeteria from Sterling Appliance.

    During each lunch, students who have leftover unopened items from their lunch will take them to bins marked for Food Recovery in the cafeteria. Students who have forgotten a snack or need more for lunch are free to take from the donations. Twice a week we have volunteers pick up the food and take it to Loudoun Hunger Relief, where they will weigh the food and then distribute the items as part of their food pantry. This program helps those in our community that need it and ensures that the waste does not go into our landfills.

    Since April, over 1000 pounds has been donated to Loudoun Hunger Relief!

    Signup to be a driver HERE

    HERE are instructions for pickup at the school and delivery to Loudoun Hunger Relief.

    For further information on food waste and strategies to reduce waste at the K12 level, see the resources below: 

Last Modified on August 21, 2023