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  •      Parents/guardians may opt-in to receive automated weekly emails summarizing their student's internet usage while using an LCPS device. To enroll in these weekly emails, please update your preferences within ParentVue.

         Weekly emails are sent each Sunday to provide an overview of your student's internet usage. The same email also contains an option to sign up for the Lightspeed Parent Portal. The Lightspeed Parent Portal is optional but provides near real-time information on your student's internet activity with additional details, including the ability to pause web browsing while not at an LCPS location.

         You can access the Lightspeed Parent Portal by following the instructions below. The Lightspeed Parent Portal can be accessed by you 24x7 to see the near real-time activity of your student's internet activity. This tool will help parents/guardians work with their students to develop healthy habits and understand appropriate internet use. To enroll in these weekly emails, please update your preferences within ParentVue. 


         For more information about student online monitoring and filtering, please visit:

    Information Security Page.

         The Internet Content Filtering Matrix Can Be Viewed Here:

    Content Filtering Matrix

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Need Help Opting-In or enrolling?

    Please get in touch with the LCPS Technology Support Center for assistance:

  • What happens if one parent/guardian has paused web browsing for their child?

    Both guardians will see the Pause web browsing setting applied by the other.

    Ex: When Guardian A sets Pause web browsing for the student for 3 hours in the Parent Portal, Guardian B will see Pause web browsing set for 3 hours when they login to the Parent Portal.

    The latest Pause web browsing setting applied by either guardian will be the setting that is applied to the student.

    Ex: Guardian A sets Pause web browsing For 1 hour, then Guardian B later sets Pause web browsing For 3 hours, web browsing will be paused on the student's device for 3 hours.

  • How do I sign up for receiving the weekly emails?

    With the start of the 2023/2024 school year, parents may elect to receive these weekly emails by selecting “YES” for ”By selecting YES In the dropdown, I am opting into receiving weekly emails regarding my student’s internet usage” within the ParentVue parent portal


  • How do I sign up for the Lightspeed Parent Portal?

    Parents must first agree to receive the weekly emails within ParentVue to enroll in the additional access to the Lightspeed Parent Portal. Once the first weekly email is received from “,” there will be a hyperlink at the bottom of the report “or register.” A verification email will be sent to the email address listed on ParentVue.

  • I lost the URL for the Lightspeed Parent Portal.

    You can access the Lightspeed Parent Portal with this URL:

    You must be subscribed to the weekly emails within ParentVUE to obtain access to the above link. 

  • How do I Unsubscribe?

    If you wish to unsubscribe from the Lightspeed Parent Portal and weekly emails, please visit your Phoenix Parent Portal at and change your response to NO for the "By selecting YES in the dropdown, I am opting into receiving weekly emails regarding my student’s internet usage" This may take 7-10 days to process and remove you from the emails. 

    Clicking the "Unsubscribe" option within the weekly emails or the Lightspeed Parent Portal will NOT remove you from the platform. You must use the Phoenix Parent Portal to unsubscribe from the platform. 

  • What is the difference between the Lightspeed Weekly emails and the Lightspeed Parent Portal?

    The weekly emails, sent on Sundays, provide parents with a summarized report of their child's internet usage on LCPS devices for the previous week. The Lightspeed Parent Portal provides near real-time access to their child's internet history with additional detail.

  • Will I stop receiving weekly parent reports emails if I sign up for the parent portal?

    No, you will continue to receive the Parent Report emails even if you create an account to use the Parent Portal.

  • What does the parent portal look like?

    Here is a quick example of what the Parent Portal looks like ...

    image of the parent portal

  • I clicked on a link that my child accessed, but cannot access it.

    The links displayed within the weekly report and the Lightspeed Parent Portal are the exact links that your student accessed. This may include links to content within Google Drive, Schoology, or other services, where your student must authenticate to access the content. Since those URLs require authentication as a student, you cannot access them through the reports or Lightspeed Parent Portal.

  • I clicked on a link that was blocked, but I can access it.

    The content filter only works on LCPS devices for your students. When you click a link on your personal computer from the weekly report or parent portal, there is no Lightspeed Content Filtering on your device, and you may be able to access the blocked content.

  • Can I block specific websites that I do not want my child to access?

    If you have concerns about the content type that may be accessed, please get in touch with your child's school administration. The local school administration can assist with your inquiries and address them.  

  • How often does the web activity information update within the Lightspeed Parent Portal?

    The time delay for Web Activity displayed in the Lightspeed Parent Portal is typically less than a minute.

  • I forgot my password to the Lightspeed Parent Portal!

    Enter your email address into Lightspeed's Parent Portal's Forgot Password page. You should receive an email shortly after with steps to change your password for the Lightspeed Parent Portal. LCPS staff cannot reset this password for you.

    Please ensure you allow emails from to receive an email.

  • Can I pause internet access for my child during school hours when my child is not at school?

    The Lightspeed Parent Portal allows parents to pause their children's web browsing only when they are not connected to an LCPS network.

  • How do I pause internet access for my child?

    Within the Parent Portal landing page, you will find on the right side of the page a "Pause web browsing" panel. Just flip the switch to on and choose an amount of time to pause web browsing, be it "For 1 hour", "For 3 hours", or "Until tomorrow morning."

    "Until Tomorrow Morning" = At 6 am, this will return to normal

    **Pausing the internet will not work while a student is on LCPS networks. This ensures that students can access the resources required while at school.

    The device may take up to 15 minutes to update with any settings change for pausing web browsing. 

  • Is there a limitation on when I can pause web browsing?

    You cannot use the Parent Portal to pause your child's web browsing while on school networks. 

  • What does it look like when I pause my child's internet browsing ability?

    When browsing is paused, your child will see a screen similar to the one below ...

    parental block page

  • Will I be able to see what my child is using the internet for on their personal phone or laptop?

    Although the LCPS networks are content-filtered, they cannot necessarily indicate which user is accessing a particular website without knowing who the user of a specific device is. All LCPS devices are configured to provide this level of integration and will report the data appropriately. Non-LCPS devices such as personal laptops, tablets, and mobile phones do not have the configuration to provide integration with our platforms. They may not even access LCPS networks, as many are enabled with LTE/5G internet access.

Last Modified on May 17, 2024