• Change to Grades 3-8 SOL Score Report - Spring 2023


    Beginning in spring 2023, the grades 3-8 Reading and Math, computer adaptive SOL tests will include a section of additional items at the end of the test.

    •The computer's adaptive algorithm may deliver passages/items one grade level above or one grade level below a student's current grade based upon the student's responses to the on-grade-level passages/items.
    •The Test Scaled Score (0 to 600) and corresponding performance level (i.e., pass/proficient, pass/advanced, fail/basic, fail/below basic) are based upon a student’s performance on the on-grade-level operational passages/items only.
    •The student’s responses to the on-grade-level operational passages/items and the additional passages/items that may be on grade level, one grade level above, or one grade level below the current grade level will be reflected in the student’s Vertical Scaled Score.
    SOL Test blueprints, which describe the standards of learning that are assessed in an SOL test, are available on these web pages:
Photo of student SDBQ score report
Last Modified on April 17, 2023