• Important Things You Need to Know!

    • Make sure your student is at school every day and he or she is on time (by 7:30 AM).
    • If your child is absent please email the BST Absentee Email – bstabsentee@lcps.org and let us know your student’s name, teacher and the reason for the absence.
    • Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for school environment and for the weather. Label these items so they can be returned to the student and not donated to lost & found.
    • Your child is a winner! Please start the day with a healthy breakfast. 
    • You are welcome to send a healthy snack each day.
    • Encourage reading at home. Spend some quality time with your student reading at least 15 minutes a day. Visit the Ashburn Public Library to get books and participate in free events.
    • Check your child’s backpack. You will find newsletters, flyers, notes from the teacher, information about events.

    Additionally, be certain your child knows the following vital pieces of information:

    • His/her full name
    • Address
    • Home telephone number
    • Full name of mother and father
    • How to get to school
    • How to get home from school
    • Full name and phone number of childcare provider, if applicable
    • Emergency plan for early dismissal or closing of school


    Ways to Stay Connected in Elementary School

    1. Make an appointment with your student's counselor to help guide your student(s) through their high school years and a great tool in planning for their future.
    2. Join the Facebook group for your class.

    3. Download the ParentVUE app on your phone.  Update your phone numbers and email address if needed.  View your student's records, testing and report attendance.

    3.  Set up a LinQConnect account to manage your student's meals in the cafeteria.  Whether your student eats lunch in the cafeteria or brings their lunch, it is a good idea to set the account up with funds, so that on the rare occasion your students forget their money, they have funds for lunch and/or a la carte items.

    4.  Join the Belmont Station Elementary School PTA!  Membership info can be found here and is $10 for the year.

    7. Bookmark Belmont Station’s website and check it regularly for updated school functions, staff emails, etc.

Last Modified on August 21, 2023