2022-23 Priorities

  • Priority 1

    Provide stability and support for schools, offices, and the community

    • Establish a process to review and update Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with law enforcement
    • Establish a principal leadership team for 2-way communication and feedback

    • Create a level 2 division team to support level 2 and 3 student needs
    • Continue Year of the Educator partnership and recognition with Loudoun Education Foundation (LEF)
    • Establish a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual
    • Conduct school visits and learning walks with School Board members and staff


    Priority 2

    Rebuild trust and relationships with all stakeholder groups

    • Met with key law enforcement members from across Loudoun County
    • Offer introductory meetings with members of the Board of Supervisors 
    • Meet with Court Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice to discuss criminal notification processes 
    • Meet with Loudoun Education Association (LEA) to strengthen relationships and support staff
    • Attend and participate in introductory meetings with all School Board Advisory and Select Committees
    • Identify and connect with key community organizations and partners for transitional support and continued advocacy
    • Create a consistent community and family newsletter to share information and keep the community informed
    • Establish consistent and regular communication with School Board members 
    • Improved access and transparency with the Office of School Administration (OSA) website
    • Provide transparency and support through Superintendent's Advisory stakeholder groups
    • Continue to visit schools and build relationships with administration, staff and students
    • Communicate regular updates on transition progress to the School Board, staff and community
    • Engage with the community through district listening sessions


    Priority 3

    Examine and adjust structures and processes to provide transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness

    • Meet with the Virginia Association of School Superintendents (VASS) Executive Director to establish support and access to state and national resources
    • Develop an enhanced case management system to be used across offices to document client cases and to ensure appropriate response and resolution
    • Create and implement a division placement committee for interschool transfers
    • Reallocate and hire a dedicated Hearing Officer to the Office of School Administration
    • Provide training from the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Transparency Best Practices

    • Appoint an Acting Chief of Staff
    • Begin a phased implementation of a client management system

    Priority 4

    Promote, execute and implement One LCPS | 2027 Strategic Plan for Excellence

    • Provide updates on Strategic Plan Goal 2 (January 10), Strategic Plan Goal 3 (January 24) and Strategic Plan Goal 4 (February 28)
    • Establish a process to capture feedback from listening structures in order to identify any gaps from stakeholder groups
    • Use feedback to adjust and align School Improvement Plans to the Strategic Plan
    • Continue to utilize the Strategic Planning Implementation Steering Committee (SPISC) and the Virginia Leads Innovation Network (VALIN) as key levers for implementation
    • Utilize exisiting structures to share and receive consistent feedback on our Strategic Plan (One LCPS) metrics, strategies and updates
    • Enhance employee recognition program


Last Modified on September 1, 2023