• PEER Helper Bios


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    Ashi Akula


    Shoumik Bisoi


    Hi, I'm Shoumik. I play the drums and love music in general. I also love math and computer science.

    Mai Dorgham

    Hi! My name is Mai. I'm a soccer player and like reading and sleeping. 

    Selivia Habib

    Hi, my name is Selivia, I love to travel and listen to music.

    Christina Hayes


    Hey! My name is Christina Hayes and I'm a senior. I'm here if you ever need to rant, laugh, or hang out quietly. I've always been passionate about mental health and would love to be your PEER and friend. 

    Aarohi Motwani


    Hi! My name is Aarohi, I’m a junior and I’m in the school’s academic team, marching band, and newspaper.

    Donovan Nguyen


    Hello, my name is Donovan and I'm a senior here at Rock Ridge. I am part of the e-sports team, wrestling team, and National Honor Society. I love video games and pictures of goofy cats.

    Daniel Okoye

    Daniel Okoye  

    Hello! My name is Daniel Okoye. I am a student athlete who plays basketball and does track. I like watching movies, hanging with friends and playing video games. If I am not at school, I am probably at home studying, or working at my job. When I grow up I want to study chemistry. When I was growing up my favorite part about school was recess!

    Shaila Patel

    Hi!! My name is Shaila and I’m a junior. I am in extracurriculars such as Sources of Strength, National Honors Society, and Cross Country/Track.

    AJ Ruhnke


    Brian Tran


    Hello! I'm Brian, I'm a junior here and I'm part of PEER. I do a number of activities inside and outside of school. My favorite subjects are Science and English and as such I'm part of the debate team and stem related clubs like TSA and programming club. Thank you! 

    Alyssa Tucker