Marching Band FAQs

  • 1.            What are the marching band uniform requirements?

    Each marcher, musicians and color guard, will be provided with a uniform each year.  In addition to the uniform, every marcher will receive one show shirt that is to be worn under the uniform at each performance.  (The color guard may not be able to wear the show shirt under their uniform some years.  The show shirt must be carried with them and worn when the band is at performances and not in full uniform.)  All musicians are required to wear black socks with their uniform.   Shoes and gloves will be provided, as well.

    2.            Can additional show shirts be ordered?

    Yes!  There will be an opportunity at the beginning of the marching season to purchase additional show shirts.  Shirts can also be purchased for friends and family, too.  There will be only one opportunity to purchase these shirts.

    3.            How do I get marching band spirit wear?

    Spirit wear is offered to everyone at the beginning of the marching season every year.  Purchasing spirit wear is NOT mandatory but all our marchers like wearing the hooded sweatshirts (names on the back recommended).  The cinch bags are also very popular.  Spirit Wear is available for purchase at any time.

    4.            When are the competitions?

    Competitions are every Saturday from mid September to November.  The times and locations of the competitions change year to year.  The competitions are always exciting and not to be missed!  Please refer to the WMAA calendar OR the Marching Wolverines page for a complete list.

    5.            When does the marching band practice?

    Marching band season starts at the end of July and ends as late as mid November.  Practice is Monday through Friday.  Some days are 10 hours long, some are 2 hours.  (See FAQ #6 and #7)  You can refer to the calendar for schedules.

    6.            What do I need to know about band camp?

     Band Camp is an intensive 2 week camp.  It is usually the first 2 weeks of August. Attendance is mandatory.  No exceptions.  The days are long (10 hours) and the marchers work very hard.  The goal of band camp is to learn as much of the show as possible.  Tennis shoes are required, no flip flops (even if you are in the Pit). 

    7.            How long are practices after Band Camp?

    Practices during the month of August after Band Camp are in the evenings.  Times vary year to year.  Again, all practices are mandatory.  During the school year practices are every day from 4:00 to 6:15, Monday through Friday.  Times and days are subject to change at the discretion of the band director.

    8.            And what happens on football Fridays?

    The marching band an integral part of every home football game.  Football games are held on Fridays (there may be an occasional football game on a Saturday during playoffs).   On football Fridays the band has a short practice after school.  Then the band eats a dinner provided by the Feed the Band volunteers.  After dinner the marching band dresses in uniform and marches to the stadium.  The band and the fans of the band (friends and family)sit in a designated area of the stadium.  The marching band performs during pre-game, plays stand tunes and cheers on the team during the game, and performs during half time.  During 3rd quarter the marching band is given free time to visit the concessions stand.  Then all marchers are to return to the designated band area in the stands by the start of 4th quarter.  After the game the band marches up to the school, returns uniforms, and puts equipment and instruments away.  With Pride!

    9.            How can you help?

    Our parent volunteers are essential.  Every year volunteers are needed to help with uniforms, Feed the Band, chaperoning, spirit wear, Pit Crew, stadium set up, prop building, and so much more,  Please make plans to volunteer as much as possible.

    The Woodgrove High School marching program grows and changes every year.  We have increased the program to include fundraising and hosting the Western Loudoun Marching Invitational, a band competition here at WHS.  These additional activities also require a huge volunteer effort in order to assure success.  Stay informed by reading emails and checking the WMAA website (marching band info found under the marching band tag) on a regular basis.   These are exciting times!