Nov. 10 Information Session

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I document my Summit time? In your packet, you will be given a schedule form that needs to be completed and signed by your Community Sponsor. This will state the hours you will be on-site and completed from May 15th - May 26th. This must be completed, signed, and turned in to your Advisory teacher by April 24th.

    What if I miss days of the Senior Summit? Students must attend the scheduled hours. Any unscheduled leave will result in your removal from the Senior Summit and require you to return to Lightridge HS to resume your regular school schedule.

    What if I have an AP Exam? Your AP Exam schedule needs to be discussed with your Summit sponsor while completing your Schedule. You will be excused for the slotted exam time, but the remaining time in the day needs to be discussed with your sponsor. 

    How are grades being handled? To participate, ALL assigned schoolwork must be completed and submitted to course teachers before the beginning of the Summit. Overall grade in each class must be above 70% (C-)

    If my teacher says that I have to take an assessment/complete an assignment, do I need to be there? Students are excused from work from May 15th - May 26th, BUT there may be a course that you will still need to complete or submit a required summative assessment or assignment to receive course credit. This must be discussed with your teacher before May 1st. 

    What goes in the Activity Log? You should document what you do each day while at your Senior Summit experience. This is for your benefit so that you have something you can refer to while making your presentation for the Gala. 

    Do I need to dress professionally? You should dress for the profession that you are shadowing during the Summit experience.  Discuss with your Summit Sponsor what the appropriate dress attire should be.

    When is the Summit Gala? The culmination of the Senior Summit will take place on the evening of May 30th  from 6:00 - 8:00 (Seniors - 5:30 PM arrival) At this time, we will showcase your work and accomplishments during the Senior Summit. Each participant will create a presentation that gives an overview of their Senior Summit experience that will be presented to the Gala attendees. 

Last Modified on January 10, 2023