• This program is presented each year to grades 9-12 by school psychologists, school social workers and school counselors to help sensitize students to the signs and symptoms of depression and suicide. Heritage 9th graders received the program in the fall each year and 10th, 11th, and 12th graders receive the booster session program in the spring. Our goals are to help students recognize the symptoms of depression and warning signs of suicide, and empower them to take the appropriate steps to get help, including telling a trusted adult. 

    Students are advised to tell a trusted adult if they observe signs of depression or suicide in themselves or their friends. 

    Suggestions for Parents:

    • Once a teen has disclosed (whether directly or indirectly) that someone may be showing signs of suicide - do not leave the teen alone.

    • Listen to what the teen has to say, observe his or her demeanor, and avoid making the teen feel guilty.

    • Offer words of encouragement but do not promise to keep secrets. Acting to prevent a potential suicide always overrides the teen’s desire for secrecy or concerns of betraying a friend. Safety and well-being is the upmost concern.

    • Advise the teen that you will contact additional support for help. For 24 hour/day emergency mental health consultation contact Loudoun County Emergency Services at 703-777-0320. Emphasize to your teen that they will know what needs to be done to make sure that the teen will get the help they need to deal with these feelings.

Last Modified on January 10, 2024