• The Virginia Department of Education is requiring that school divisions administer a one-time Field Test to students in grades 5, 8 and those enrolled in an English 11/English 11 equivalent course for SY 22-23.


    The division's test window is March 20- April 14, 2023. Schools will select specific test administration dates within that window and communicate administration information to parents. We encourage all students to participate.


    • The new item type within the Field Test focuses on the integration of reading and writing instruction and supports building student literacy skills.
    • Students are asked to read a nonfiction passage – often with history/social science or science content – and then answer four to six multiple-choice/technology-enhanced items.
    • Students are then presented with a writing prompt, or an “invitation to write,” that is based on the passage.
    • Students compose their response in the online test delivery software, TestNav.
    • All work is to be completed in one session, in one day
    • Test results are not reported for the field test.
    • De-identified data from the field test will be used in the test development process to determine the viability of the passages and items and the prompts for future test administration.


    Resources for students:

    SOL Practice Items (select 'Integrated Reading and Writing')

    Instructional and Scoring Rubrics


    For school-specific administration questions, please contact the School Testing Coordinator at your student's school.

    For division-level administration questions, please contact the Office of Assessment Services (540) 751-2590 or testing@lcps.org.


Last Modified on December 14, 2022