• Bullying Prevention

    How to Report Bullying:

    Our focus is to ensure all students safety and comfort at Farmwell Station Middle School. If you are being bullied or witness it happening at school, please do not hesitate to contact your grade level counselor and dean. Students can email his or her counselor or Dean or speak to them in person. Don’t wait to let someone know.

    6th Grade: Janae Gwizdala and Brian Taylor

    7th Grade: Carl LaRue and Jennifer Eisner

    8th Grade: Amilyn Konopki, Ann Neri, and Kathy Pollock

    What Happens When I Report an Incident to a FWS Staff Member:

    The typical protocol is for the Dean/Counselor/Assistant Principal to gather as much information as possible from you, the victim, the alleged bully and all witnesses to the incident. Once the information is gathered, appropriate action will be taken.

    What Resources are Available for Families: