Parental Notification of Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content

  • The Loudoun County School Board has adopted Policy 5055 to establish clear procedures for schools to (i) identify all instructional materials with sexually explicit content, (ii) ensure parental notification of any instructional materials with sexually explicit content, (iii) permit parents to review all instructional materials with sexually explicit content, and (iv) ensure alternative instructional materials, that do not include sexually explicit content, are provided in a non-punitive manner for any student whose parent so requests.

    The list of resources, sortable by category or grade, can be found below.

    Division-Level Resources

    LCPS does not include standards or endorse any instructional materials with sexual content at the elementary school level.

    Instructional materials at the middle and high school level have been selected considering developmental appropriateness, literary merit, student interest, and content standards. The following catalog includes instructional materials at the middle and high school level intended for use in instruction that meet the definitions of sexually explicit content as outlined in Policy 5055. This list will be routinely updated as we continue to review new materials. 

    LCPS recognizes that parents should guide their children in the selection of choice instructional resources, and there are times when a resource may not align with their family values. In such situations, we invite parents to meet with the teacher or librarian to collaboratively select alternate recommendations or solutions.

    If a teacher intends to use any resource that contains sexually explicit content, the teacher will notify the parent/guardian 30 days in advance. Parents/guardians who would like their students to be given alternate materials should contact the student’s teacher at least five school days prior to use in the classroom.

    Note: Not all of the resources listed below are used at every school.

Catalog to Support Parental Notification per Policy 5055

Last Modified on January 5, 2023