The Mill House Productions spring musical at Smarts Mill Middle School provides an educational and rewarding experience which stems from a tremendous amount of commitment, teamwork, self-control, and personal development.  The production team maintains high expectations of commitment and professionalism for themselves and for all involved in the production.  Below is a summary of expectations for the cast and crew as related to Attendance, Preparedness, and Behavior:
    Attendance -
    Participating in the musical production requires a significant commitment of time by the cast, crew, and production team.  We understand that everyone has busy lives and we work very hard to create a schedule that makes the best use of time.  If you are called for a rehearsal, it is required that you attend.  Attendance will be tracked and missed rehearsals, or patterns of late arrivals or early departures may result in removal from the show.  Co-curricular activities (that contribute to a grade in a class) are considered excused (unless a pattern emerges).  Participants who have conflicts (of any kind) during tech/dress rehearsals or shows may be removed from the show. 
    Many ask about rehearsal conflicts with sports, clubs, social activities, etc.  It is very important that all participants consider the fullness of their schedules prior to accepting a part in the production.  For example, if you are offered a Principal role, it is likely you will be called to rehearsal on most days and participating in other activities that conflict with the rehearsal schedule will pose a problem.  Featured roles and Ensemble members must attend rehearsal when called, but it will be less frequent.  Your scheduled rehearsals must take precedence over other activities. If there are questions about attendance, please email your question to smschoolplay@aol.com .
    Preparedness -
    Actors are responsible for learning all lines and lyrics and should come prepared to rehearsals.  The actors should begin studying lines and work to get 'off book' as quickly as possible. 
    Behavior -
    Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  We understand that students can get a bit restless at the end of a long day and do we try to keep them active, engaged and focused throughout rehearsals.  If there is 'downtime' however, it is expected that the students can handle this time responsibly and appropriately. 
    Also, we strongly emphasize the importance of teamwork and being supportive of each other throughout this process.  If at any time we hear of 'ugly' or 'mean' speak or behavior, it will be immediately dealt with and could result in removal from the show.
    Please realize that stage and crew direction has both informative and critical components. Students should have the fortitude to handle changes to and constructive criticism of their work.
    Lastly, mishandling or misuse of any show equipment (sound, lights, props, sets, etc.) will result in a stern warning, and may result in removal from the show.
    Thank you for your commitment to making another great production at SMMS!
Last Modified on September 17, 2023