Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the RAMS Writing Center?
    The RWC is located in room 1130 across from the cafeteria along the hall with the "Roll 'Side" mural. We are also accessible from the library.

    When is the RAMS Writing Center open?
    The RWC is open during all lunch shifts (3rd block) on A-Days as well as every Tuesday and Wednesday morning (8:30-9:15).

    Who are the writing coaches?
    All of the RWC's writing coaches are highly capable students who are trained in giving meaningful writing feedback! You can get to know the coaches here.

    What assignments can the RWC help with?
    The RWC can help with writing assignments, college essays, research papers, short answer questions, technical writing, and more! Our coaches will assist you at any point during the writing process, whether it be brainstorming or polishing or anywhere in between.

    What should I bring to a session?
    You should bring your Chromebook/computer, the writing you would like to work on (online or on paper), your assignment's instructions/rubric, and a writing utensil.

    Do I have to bring a completed piece of writing to my session?
    You can bring your writing in any stage, and we are happy to help you with it!

    How do I request a writing coach?
    To request a writing coach, please complete this form. Alternatively, you can simply walk into the RWC during your A-day lunch or on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, and one of our writing coaches will help you.

    Can I request a specific writing coach?
    Yes! You can request to meet with a specific writing coach on the coach request form. See the coaches' bios for their writing specialties

    What if I am not at Riverside on A-Days? Can I still come to the RWC?
    If you are not at Riverside on A-Days, you can come to the Writing Center Club on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (8:30-9:15).

    Am I allowed to eat my lunch at the RWC?

    Does the RAMS Writing Center have any resources that I can use while I write?
    Yes. The RWC has a list of many helpful online resources you can use here.

Last Modified on February 21, 2024