• RAMS Writing Center: The Writing Guides of Riverside!


    Our Mission: 

    The RAMS Writing Center strives to provide free, personalized writing help for Riverside students. We hope to not only assist with assignments but also foster better writers throughout the process. 

    Our Philosophy:

    Writing is a critical part of everyday life. Whether you are composing a quick email or finishing up an essay, writing conveys meaning. The RAMS Writing Center aims to sharpen communication and improve writers, regardless of ability. All writers at all stages of the writing process are welcome in the RWC. No matter if you are just starting a history project, revising a resume, working on a lab report, or completing a scholarship application, the RWC is here to help you. This is a place where students discover new skills and elevate their unique writing voices with the support of empathetic peer coaches. We meet writers where they are and give them the tools to level up. 

    As writing coaches, we interact with students in a relaxed, one-on-one learning environment where each individual's success is celebrated. We want all students who walk through the door to feel respected and comfortable sharing their work. By providing specific feedback and encouragement, we respectfully acknowledge deficits in student writing and help writers turn these areas into sources of pride and strength. Our job is to focus more on you as a writer than on the actual writing itself. Even if you find yourself with a complete lack of direction, the RWC can get you on the right track. Our coaches will aid in the brainstorming process, helping you find inspiration, and translate that into writing. Likewise, we will provide tips and tricks for revision and editing that result in a polished product. 

    You may find yourself stressed, overworked, and completely overwhelmed with your writing. That’s okay! The RAMS Writing Center serves to guide students to become better writers in the hopes they’ll use the experience to bolster their confidence throughout the rest of their high school career and beyond.


Last Modified on April 19, 2023