• At Harper Park we are fortunate enough to have an amazing space we call The Oasis.  The Oasis is a resource available to all students.  In the Oasis, students can take a brain break, they can work quietly, take a mental health break, and if needed can talk to one of the Mental Health Professionals who are housed in The Oasis.  Ashley Harper, Lead Counselor and Counselor for all students receiving Special Education Services, Beth Weatherford, School Psychologist, and Ashley Olson, School Social Worker are all in The Oasis.  If students need to talk or need help with a problem, they can talk to any of these ladies.  

    We also have a variety of relaxing activities students can utilize to destress.  The Oasis always has low, soft lighting, soft soothing music and visuals on the big screen, and calming aromas, to help people relax.  To see what other things are available in The Oasis, please click on The Oasis below.