• Wolverine Writing Center Mission Statement

    The goal of the Wolverine Writing Center is to help all students gain the strength and courage to express themselves as writers.  We encourage students’ written communication skills, and we nurture their individual voices. By creating a professional relationship with our mentees, we offer active feedback during one-on-one mentoring sessions in a friendly, confidential environment.  We value teacher involvement in this process to help students of all confidence levels reach their full potential through gentle guidance. The Wolverine Writing Center honors the individual talents of each writer and celebrates their growth. It is our sincere hope that the knowledge students take away from the Writing Center will assist their performance in any future path they follow.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP! 


    As writing mentors, we . . .

    1) treat others with respect.

    2) strive for effective communication.

    3) provide positive feedback and constructive criticism.

    4) commit to continued learning.

    5) guide students through the writing process.

    6) exhibit professionalism.

    7) listen to student concerns and address them to the best of our abilities.

    8) respect different writing styles and viewpoints.

    9) work towards creating a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere.

    10) promise that we will uphold the standards we have set forth for the Wolverine Writing Center.