• Ombuds Responsibilities

Ombuds Responsibilities

  • The Ombuds (pronounced “om-budz”) office serves constituents - families, employees, and community members - as a designated informal neutral resource to help them advocate for fairness, equity, and consistency if they have concerns or issues. The Ombuds reports to the Chief of Staff. 

    The word Ombuds means “representative.” 

    The Ombuds follows the four ethical principles of the International Ombudsman Association: 

    • Independence
    • Impartiality
    • Confidentiality
    • Informality


    What Does the Ombuds Do?

    • Listens to and clarifies visitor concerns or complaints to seek resolution in an informal and confidential manner
    • Identifies underlying issues and interests
    • Provides information on resources and referrals, and relays information about LCPS programs, policies, and regulations
    • Explores options and empowers visitors to advocate for their child’s education or the school/work environment 
    • Facilitates conversations to resolve issues and fosters positive educational relationships with the Division

    • Identifies trends to the Superintendent’s office for review of continuous improvement to support the strategic plan for excellence


    What Does the Ombuds Not Do?

    • Take sides or act as an advocate for an individual or for any particular position
    • Serve as the recipient of legal notice or formal complaints for LCPS
    • Conduct formal investigations of potential wrongdoing
    • Impose discipline or overturn disciplinary decisions
    • Make, set, or change LCPS policies or regulations
    • Maintain records, provide legal advice, or participate in litigation
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Last Modified on March 10, 2023