• Kindergarten

    Exploring rotations: Kindergarten is taught in a rotation model where students experience 3 different creative activities per art session.  2 centers involve independent creative thinking/play where students practice motor skill functions and collaborative work.

    Art Element Creature Collages (creating lines, painting skills and assembling)

    Autumn Landscape Collage (shape identification, assembling skills)

    Leaf Rubbing Webs (identify/create texture)

    Printed Autumn Trees (color identification, printmaking skills, patterning)

    1st Grade

    Abstract painting with Primary and Secondary Colors (color identification and mixing)

    Tropical Bird Collages (shape identification and assembly)

    Deep Space Landscapes (drawing atmospheric space using size changes)

    Architectural Collages (creating shapes using cutting skills)

    2nd Grade

    Radiating Figures (using shape to draw figures, creating visual patterns)

    Autumn Architectural Perspective (various painting methods, perspective, architectural collage and story)

    Monoprint Tigers (symmetry and printmaking skills)

    Infinity Pumpkins (sculpture skills, identifying and creating symbols) 

    3rd Grade

    Abstract Monochromes (non-objective art, mixing a variety of tints, shades and tones)

    Analogous Trees (line variety, mixing intermediate colors)

    Partial Self Portraits (facial proportions, shading to create 3D. positive/negative space illusions)

    Weaving (multicultural art, cutting skills, procedural steps)  

    4th Grade

    Tangram Prints (planning and experimentation, abstract thinking, printmaking skills and multicultural art) 

    Figure Drawing assessment (practice and discussion of figure proportions)

    Alternative Viewpoint Cityscapes (discussion of ways artists see the world, perspective drawing skills)

    5th Grade

    Kinetic Woven Fish sculpture (planning, weaving, wire and found object sculpture)

    Wet Felting (art from natural resources, envisioning and creating, following an artistic process)

    Tapestry Stitchery (creating a visual narrative, stitch identification and creation, braiding skills)


    Discussions subject to modification depending on current art events and scheduling changes

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