• Kindergarten

    Printed Autumn Trees (color identification, printmaking skills, patterning)

    Hibernating Bear Collages (lines, painting skills, collage - science curricular connections)

    Personal Tiger Portratis - (lines/shapes, habitats)

    Snowy Homes - (space/depth, shape recognition, season depictions)

    1st Grade

    Farm Perspective (drawing atmospheric space mathematically, community connections)

    Abstract Expressionist Trees (painting skills, pattering, color family review, cutting skills)

    Crayon Still Life (observation skills, shading/shadows depiction)

    Art Supply Still Life (observation skills, art genres)

    Snowmen unit (Collage/cutting skills, atmospheric perspective, shading skills development, literacy connection)

    2nd Grade

    Infinity Pumpkins (sculpture skills, identifying and creating symbols) 

    Pop Up Communities (communities in art, 3D paper techniques, depicting elements in a landscape) 

    Pop Up Self Portraits (envisioning self, 3D paper techniques)

    3rd Grade

    Weaving (multicultural art, cutting skills, procedural steps)  

    Symmetrical Mask Masking (cutting skills, facial depictions)

    Clay Relief Textural Plaques (depicting identity, exploring clay/glaze)

    Architectural Design Collage (exploring printmaking and linear design, developing a visual vocabulary of architecture)

    4th Grade

    Name Samplers (exploring the art of stitchery, colonial connections, depiction of identity and fine motor skills, planning and revision)

    Figure Mannikins (figure proportions, observation and depiction of figures and shading)

    5th Grade

    Historical Portraits (photography, drawing, printmaking skills, personal identity, logo design and copyright)

    Kinetic Sculpture (sculpting skills, planning and design)


    Discussions subject to modification depending on current art events and scheduling changes


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