• Most instruments are to be rented (or purchased) through local music stores, including, but not limited to:

    The Music Loft          A&A Music

    Minton's Music         Washington Music

    Music and Arts

    ** please DO NOT purchase or rent through a "big box" store (Costco, Amazon, Target, WalMart, etc.) as the instruments tend to break more frequently, and do not provide your student the best opportunity for success **


    The following instruments are available to rent through TMS:

        Tuba    Baritone    French Horn    Tenor Sax    Bari Sax    Bass Clarinet

    The rented instrument will go home with the student for practice, while we provide another instrument at school for classroom use.

    (the student is responsible for bringing necessary supplies for classroom playing -- mouthpiece, reeds, music/method book, etc.)  

    ** disclaimer: French Horns must still be transported to and from home; TMS do not own enough French Horns to provide one for both home and school **

    ** an email goes out to all band parents with the link to our purchase page, where you can pay for the year-long rental, or contact Mr. Riley directly; hard-copy rental contracts are sent home with students **