How To Request Letters of Recommendation


    • Do you need a teacher recommendation?
      • Request in person AND in Schoolinks AT LEAST 2 weeks before application deadline
        1. Include your Resume & Application deadline
      • Before you ask a teacher for a recommendation letter consider these questions...
          1. Is it required by the college? If not, then it is not needed.
          2. How many teacher letters are required by the college? Choose your teacher carefully. Consider your future goals and which teacher will be able to speak best to your abilities.
          3. Do NOT ask for a letter just to have a letter if it is not needed. Be respectful of your teachers' time. 
      • How To: Common App or  Non-Common App (link only works when signed in to SchooLinks)
        • ONLY request a teacher letter of rec in SchooLinks
          • Do not put your teacher's email in Common App.

    • Officially ask your counselor during your Post Grad Plan meeting to write your letter.
    • Complete the PFHS Senior Profile for your school counselor (links below to their specific google form)
    • School Counselor recommendation requirements are automatically determined by the college/university.
    • Allow 10 business days for school counselors to submit transcripts, secondary school reports, and rec letters after student requests.
Last Modified on October 2, 2023