• MAP test


    What is it and why does my child take it?

    The Measures of Academic Progress Growth Test (MAP) is designed to measure students’ readiness for learning specific content and skills and academic growth over time.  Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) students in grades 2-5 will take the MAP Reading and Math Growth tests and grade 1 students will take the Math Growth test.  Teachers use the data from these assessments to guide their instruction.

    What do I need to know?

    The MAP Growth tests are designed to find your child’s instructional readiness level. This level is reached when a student answers approximately 50% of the answers incorrectly and 50% correctly.  It is used by teachers to help guide their instruction. Since MAP Growth tests can extend beyond the student’s current grade level, the test varies in length for each student. Additionally, your student may indicate that many of the questions were “hard” and/or may feel frustrated at the level of difficulty required to select an answer. If they mention this, assure them that this is to be expected.

    How will I receive the results?

    MAP results are shared on ParentVUE after the testing window for the county has closed.