• assessment

    What is it and why does my child take it?

    The DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) is an individualized reading assessment that enables teachers to evaluate growth in student reading performance over time. The DRA helps teachers to identify students’ independent reading level by assessing students’ oral reading fluency and comprehension. A student’s independent reading level is the level at which he or she can read successfully without assistance from the teacher. Reading levels range from A/1 (emergent reader) to 60 (advanced reader) in elementary school.

    What do I need to know?

    Below are the DRA level expectations for each grade.

    • Kindergarten A-3 

    • First 3-16

    • Second 16-28

    • Third 28-38

    • Fourth 38- 40 

    • Fifth 40 - 50 

    Knowing your child's current DRA level can assist you when you help them pick out " just right" books.  Learn more information here.

    How will I receive the results?

    DRA results are shared on ParentVUE after the testing window for the county has closed.