J. Michael Lunsford Health and Physical Education Department Syllabus


    : Our Objective is to present a curricula and atmosphere that is enriching, safe, and motivating to all students at all levels and abilities. We will offer a variety of activities with an emphasis on lifetime fitness and wellness.


    Cooperative Games

    Lifetime Fitness Activities

    Individual and Dual Sports

    Team Sports

    Lifetime Recreational Activities

    Rhythmic Activities


    Health-Risk Behaviors

    Management of Personal and Family Health

    Relationship of Nutrition to Emotional and Physical Health

    Consumer Health

    Characteristics of Healthy Communities

    Family Life Education (FLE)

    Materials needed Daily for Physical Education class;

    pe uniform


    Materials needed for health class:



    two pocket folder


    : Students will be graded using summative assessments that align with the Virginia SOLs. These assessments will include both Physical Education and Health content. Physical education content will count for 70% of a students’ grade and Health content will count for 30% of a students’ grade.


    : Any student that scores below 70% on an assessment must retake the assessment after re-teaching them. Students that score above 70% have the option to retake the assessment but must notify the teacher. Students will have one week from when they receive their score to retake the assessment. Retakes will be done before school.


    : You can check your teachers’ website for plans for each quarter. Plans will be posted before each quarter starts.
Last Modified on August 29, 2018