• J. Michael Lunsford Middle School

    Health and Physical Education 2014-2015


    Dear Parent/Guardian,


    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  We are very excited to work with your child this year in Health and Physical Education.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment where students will actively improve their individual physical fitness levels through quality instruction and activity.  We will continuously use formative and summative assessments to drive our instruction and achieve our goals in Health and PE.  Please be aware that a student may be excused from physical activity with a written note from a parent or guardian (only 3 per quarter). Although excused, the student will be given an alternate assignment to complete during that class.   After the 3rd missed class the student will be expected to participate in PE unless he/she has a doctor’s note.  A doctor’s note must be presented to the teacher for any period beyond a week.  The doctor will be requested to complete a checklist of appropriate activities that the student may take part in while recovering from the illness or injury. This checklist can be found on the Health/PE Department website.  If a student cannot participate in a general physical education program, the student may be assessed for an adapted physical education program to meet the requirements set by the state.  We look forward to a great year.  Thank you for your ongoing support!


    I Am a Lion . . . Listen to me ROAR!


    The following are protocols and expectations for participating in Health and Physical Education:


    1.  Respect your peers and teachers at all times.

    2.  Demonstrate good sportsmanship.

    3.  Use equipment appropriately.

    4.  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    5.  Be respectful of allergies - spray cans (deodorant, cologne, perfume, etc…) and glass containers are not permitted in    

        the locker room.              


    1.  Each student will be assigned a small locker and one lock.  You will have the option to use a big locker during class.       

         Do not keep belongings in the big lockers in between classes. Students are required to lock their belongings in their    

         locker during and after class. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you lose your lock, you will be charged

         $5 and must pay before we issue you another lock.

    2.  Showers are available. You must bring your own soap, towel, etc… plus have a written note from your parent.

         Please inform your teacher and give him/her the note before class.

    4.  Throw gum in trash can before class before entering gym.

    5.  Write your name on the outside of your t-shirt and shorts.



    1.  For 1st or 5th blockyou should be seated quietly in your squad spot facing forward BEFORE the tardy bell rings.  For all other blocks, you should be in the locker room before tardy bell rings.

    2.  Be organized. Bring a pencil to keep in your locker for written assessments. Bring your agenda to every class.

    3.  When a quick double whistle blows you need to stop, sit down, get quiet, and look at the teacher

    4.  Students must wear an appropriate PE uniform to participate.  Appropriate uniform includes tied athletic shoes, socks,  

         t-shirt and athletic shorts (worn at waist level). 

    5.  Loaner uniforms are free. Each student is allowed 3 loaner uniforms per quarter. After 3 loaners, every time a student   does not have a uniform, they will be assigned either lunch detention and/or an alternate assignment and will not be allowed to participate in the scheduled activity for that block.

    6.  You are encouraged to bring an extra t-shirt and athletic shorts to keep in your locker to avoid borrowing a loaner.



    1. Teacher permission is required to exit the gym to get drinks, reenter the locker room, or go to the nurse.

    2. Only enter the gym if a teacher is present, if no teacher is in the gym please wait in the hallway next to the locker room.

    3. Only go into the equipment room, fitness room, or storage room with teacher permission.  Only use equipment with

         teacher permission.

    4.  Stay away from the curtain or center divide when it is being lowered or raised.

    5.  For safety reasons, all jewelry should be taken off before class and long hair should be pulled back.

    6.  After changing, sit in front of your locker until dismissed. 

    7. Once you enter the gym, walk in a clockwise direction on the outside of the basketball court, keeping hands and feet to yourself

    8. If you miss class or have to sit out, please get a (MUD) sheet from your teacher to complete at home.



    In addition to the formative and summative assessments for each physical education and health unit, students will earn a daily fitness warm-up grade based on the rubric below.

    Lunsford Fitness Warm –Up Rubric

    Warm up activities will include cardio-vascular exercises, muscular strength and endurance exercises, flexibility exercises, and fitness games.  Students can earn 4 points per class for every warm-up.

    During the allotted warm-up time students will …..

    • Demonstrate safe practices and follow the rules at all times
    • Demonstrate correct form when performing fitness exercises
    • Work to reach and maintain intensity level  four (heart health)
    • Perform the activity for the amount of time specified (use adaptations if needed)


    4 points

    Student demonstrates all four components of the warm-up

    3 points

    Student demonstrates three components of the warm-up

    2 points

    Student demonstrates two components of the warm-up

    1 point

    Student demonstrates one component of the warm-up

    0 points

    Student is unable to demonstrate the components of the warm-up and needs further assistance



    6.3      The student will use personal fitness tools and data to improve physical fitness

    6.3B  Describe and apply basic principles of training (e.g., FITT [Frequency, Intensity, Time,  Type], overload,         progression) and their relationship to implementing safe and progressive personal fitness programs.

    6.4     The student will work independently and with others in physical activity settings

    6.4c    Follow rules and safety procedures.

    6.4d    Use practice time to improve performance

    7.3     The student will apply concepts and principles of training to improve physical fitness.

    7.3a    Identify safe practices for improving physical fitness

    7.3e    Demonstrate correct form when performing physical fitness activities.

    7.4      The student will work independently and with others in cooperative and competitive physical       activity settings

    7.4a.    Apply safety procedures, rules, and appropriate etiquette in physical activity settings 

    8.4a    Self-assess level of physical activity and personal fitness on all components of health-related fitness, and develop a plan, including goals, strategies, and timeline, for maintenance or improvement

    8.4e     Monitor heart rate before, during, and after vigorous physical activity

    8.5       The student will work independently and with others in cooperative and competitive physical    activity settings

     8.5a    Exhibit fair play and act responsibly in physical activity settings.




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