• VAAP – Virginia Alternate Assessment Program  

    • Takes the place of Reading, Math, and Science SOL

    • Student must have a significant cognitive disability

    • Must receive instruction based on Virginia Essentialized Standards of Learning (VESOL) and not SOLs

    • Must meet VAAP Participation Criteria as determined by IEP Team u

    Student will not receive a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma. Student will  d

    receive an Applied Studies Diploma. 

    The decision to assess a student with the VAAP directly impacts their ability to earn a standard or advanced studies diploma. VAAP participants are not working on grade level content and are not receiving grade level instruction.

    Similarly, students who are receiving significantly modified instructional content that is not presented on pace with grade level progression may not be adequately prepared for the SOL test. They may experience severe frustration or feelings of inadequacy, which may carry with them into future   assessment administrations, as they struggle to respond to test items.  

    It is important that IEP Teams consider all of the implications when choosing an assessment option.


    ⇒ Standardized, summative assessment 

    ⇒ Reading, Math, and Science (writing and social science assessment TBD) 

    ⇒ Aligned with VESOL (to be released summer 2021) 

    ⇒ No more teacher choice in which VESOLs are assessed 

    ⇒ Assessment is online (paper/pencil can be used if  necessary) 

    ⇒ Administered in Spring 

    ⇒ Scored online

Last Modified on September 20, 2023