• The CRE School Counseling Program

    Lessons Plan by Quarter:



    Please view our Elementary School Counseling Curriculum Pacing GuideOur program is aligned with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors, Virginia School Counseling SOLs, Virginia SEL Guidance Standards, District Standards, & the Virginia Academic & Career Plan Portfolio.   

     Sample lesson topics include:

    • Identifying, expressing, and managing emotions
    • Developing positive self-talk, a growth mindset, and optimism
    • Accepting and appreciating all differences in others
    • Developing empathy for others
    • Coping with anxiety and stress
    • Impulse control and anger management
    • Social Skills
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Assertiveness and Personal Safety
    • Teasing and Bullying Prevention and Response
    • Digital-citizenship/safety
    • Career Development



    Elementary school counselors may provide individual school counseling for students who may need additional support with skills that are developmental and impact school behavior. The counseling strategies vary with each student’s needs and are provided on a short-term basis (usually six to eight weekly sessions) as determined by the school counselor.  Students can refer themselves to the counselor or can be referred by parents, teachers, or other school staff.  Group counseling may be offered, depending on the needs of children at a particular grade level.

    Consultation and Collaboration: 

    School counselors work with teachers, administrators and other school staff to provide information, materials, and referral assistance; advocate for students, especially within the Child Study, 504, and IEP teams; and promote a safe, welcoming, and positive school climate for all students. Together with the district’s social workers, school counselors assist families in obtaining services through referrals to outside agencies.

    School counselors work with parents and guardians to exchange and gather information, provide recommendations, make referrals for private therapy, serve as a resource for mental health concerns, and to discuss parenting strategies. With parent/guardian consent, school counselors also consult with other mental health professionals.

Last Modified on August 30, 2022