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    Welcome January

    Throughout October, November, and part of December, we packed in many lessons on bully awareness and prevention. Some classes were able to get a lesson on growth mindset before winter break as well. January kicks off our Kindness month and 3rd graders are adding ways to be kind to leaves for our tree on the bulletin board pictured above. We are still reporting good bystanders and having names read on the morning announcements. 







    Welcome October!

    October and November will be dedicated to our Bully Prevention Months! Counseling lessons will be led through our Second Step Bully Prevention Unit. Students will learn how to refuse, report, and recognize bullying. We are focused this year on students being Bystanders and helping each other out. A paper sign or Wall of Fame will be hung outside the counselor's room for students caught being bystanders to sign. Their names will be read on our morning show as well. Handouts will be sent home for families to read and find links if you are interested in getting more information on our curriculum. 




    This school year is off to a smooth start, and students and staff are filled with positivity. Counseling lessons are happening in Mrs. Smith and Ms. Jansen's room 9 and we are LOVING the space we have for everyone to enjoy. This month our lessons are focused on ACCEPTANCE. As students begin working together as a class, we are encouraging them to accept differences, be inclusive, and  embrace what makes us all unique. We are back to enjoying our lunch bunches and check ins. If you child is interested in having a fun lunch, please encourage them to ask us! We are always available to speak to students and parents if you have any concerns or questions. 








    Welcome back to another fabulous year!

    I am so excited about starting this year because I am thrilled to have a classroom for all students to come to for counseling lessons, lunches, groups, individual counseling, and calm down breaks! It has been so fun setting up this space for students and staff. Thanks to all who stopped by and shared in my joy at open house and back to school night. August and September lessons will be about feelings, acceptance, and building relationships. Students may also sign up to bring a friend or 2 for a lunch bunch starting in September. Ms. Jansen is our itinerant counselor this year and is with us on Wednesdays. She will be focusing on Kindergarten counseling lessons, but will run support groups in all ages this fall. Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions. casey.smith@lcps.org 

Last Modified on January 9, 2023