• Computer - Free computer icons  Digital AP Exams Available in May 2024  



    The College Board will be offering in person digital AP exams in the following AP Courses:

    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP English Language and Composition
    • AP English Literature and Composition
    • AP European History
    • AP US History
    • AP World History: Modern
    • AP Seminar

    The digital exams are full length, proctored exams, administered on the same day/time as corresponding paper exams (AP Exam Schedule can be found here).  No digital exams will be offered during Late Testing.

    Students will have the option to decide which format they would like to take and will need to let their AP teacher know by Friday, November 3.  No changes to this decision can be made after March 15, 2024.  More information about the in-school digital exams can be found on the College Board’s website.

  • In order to appropriately access the Digital AP Exams, students should be ready to:

    • Sign in to their College Board account.
      • In order to take a Digital AP Exam in May 2024, students will need to know their College Board account username and password.  At the beginning of the exam, there will not be time for students to locate and/or reset their password.  Staff cannot assist students on the day of the exam if they are unable to access their account.  Students will not have access to their phone to verify their account.   Please plan ahead to be prepared for test day.
    • Read most exam instructions on their device - students will hear only a few instructions from their proctor before they start testing
    • Take their break when Bluebook tells them to
    • Use College Board approved accommodations appropriately, if applicable

Last Modified on May 3, 2024