Students who arrive after 9:30 a.m., for any reason (excused or unexcused), will need to sign in at the attendance office.  This will allow your student’s attendance to be updated from absent to present.

    When a student fails to check in with the Attendance Office upon arriving to school, they will be  marked absent for the school day, and a notification will be sent to the home via Blackboard Connect.  

    Reporting to the Attendance Office

    Parents/Legal Guardians, please report your student's attendance to the JCHS Attendance Office, not to your student’s teachers.  Teachers can not update your student’s all day attendance mark.  Teachers only take attendance for their current class period.  ALL ATTENDANCE UPDATES ARE DONE BY THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE.

    Scheduled Period Release Classes

    Students who have a Period Release or P1-P8 class as a part of their class schedule, should sign in with the attendance office upon arrival, and then proceed to class.

    Excessive Tardy Consequence

    1st offense- Warning (Attendance Office)
    2nd offense- Warning (Attendance Office)
    3rd offense– Lunch Detention (Teacher Assigned)

    (See JCHS Attendance Truancy Guidelines)