Attendance Policy (The Common Wealth of Virginia)

    The Commonwealth of Virginia has a compulsory attendance law for all students less than 18 years of age. According to School Board Policy (8140), all students have a responsibility to attend all scheduled classes and other assigned activities unless excused by the Principal. Absence from school for any period will result in the loss of learning. Students are required to find out what work has been missed and to make up that work within a reasonable amount of time, regardless of the reason for absence(s).


    Parent/Guardian Procedure for Attendance Notifications and Request

    Only a parent or legal guardian may contact the school via ParentVue, handwritten letter or email; if a student will be absent, tardy or leaving school early. Students may not submit attendance notifications – including students 18 years of age and older. If the parent/legal guardian has not contacted the school, the Attendance Office will make every effort to contact a parent to verify the absence, tardy or early dismissal.  Any absence, tardy or early dismissal not confirmed by a parent/legal guardian will be considered unexcused or invalid.

    When contacting the John Champe Attendance Office, please include the following information for your student:

    • Student name (slowly spell name when calling)
    • Student ID#
    • Parent/Legal Guardian Name
    • Date(s) of  attendance notification
    • Reason for attendance notification (absent/tardy/early dismissal)
    • Time of early dismissal (no phone calls accepted for early dismissals)


    Reasons For Attendance Notification/Requests (Excused)

    Attendance notifications and requests for absences, early dismissals and tardies from school are excused with appropriate documentation for the following reasons:

    • Personal illness
    • Death in the family
    • Religious Holidays
    • School sponsored events
    • Family Emergency
    • DMV Appointment (including passport appointment)
    • Medical or Dental appointments (excused provided student submits medical documentation to the Attendance Office from the doctor’s office )
    • Court/Judicial appearances (excused provided student submits judicial documentation to the Attendance Office from the court)
    • Pre-scheduled college/university orientations (excused provided student submits documentation from the college/university)
    • Military Appointment (excused provided student submits documentation from the military appointment)