SCA Committees & Members

Student Involvement Committee

  • The Student Involvement Committee strives to get as many students in the Willard Middle School community to feel a sense of pride and belonging when at school. Increasing school spirit and planning events to bring students together is the main goal of this committee.

Student Advocacy Committee

  • The Student Advocacy Committee aims to amplify the voice of the student body. Listening to the suggestions of students outside of SCA, sharing the overarching opinions of their peers and encouraging WMS students to advocate for themselves are the main goals of this committee.

Community Outreach Committee

  • The Community Outreach Committee looks to engage the larger Aldie/Dulles South region. Introducing WMS students to organizations and members of the community outside of Willard to form impactful relationships is a major focus of this committee.






School Store Committee

  • The School Store Committee offers a weekly service to WMS students. Providing the student body with opportunities to stock up on school supplies and food items while developing interpersonal skills and spreading positivity are guiding factors behind this committee.