• Annual Calendar 

    School: Stone Hill Middle School                   Academic Year:2023-2024

    A minimum of 80% of time recommended for direct and indirect student services and 20% or less in program planning and school support



    Program Planning and School Support

    (Defining, Managing, Assessing, Fair-Share Responsibilities)

    Direct Student Services Activities

    (Include dates of school counseling initiatives or events, classroom and group activities, career or college nights, schoolwide academic support events, etc.)

    Indirect Student Services Activities

    (Significant collaborations, leadership and advocacy activities)

    Ongoing Services

    • Crisis Management

    • Suicide and Threat Assessments

    • Advisory Lessons

    • Sources of Strength (monthly)

    • Academic Advising and Course Selection

    • Small Group Counseling

    • Individual Counseling/Conferences

    • New Student Registrations

    • New Student Lunch Bunches

    • Counselor Connection Lunch Bunches

    • Return to Learn Transitions 

    • Military Connected Group Meetings (monthly) 

    • Pupil Services Student Services Support Team Meetings (monthly)

    • Attendance Meetings (monthly) Interdisciplinary Team (IT) Meetings (weekly)

    • MTSS/Unified Mental Health Team (UMHT) Meetings (monthly)

    • Parent/Teacher/Counselor Conferences Referrals to community resources for mental health evaluations and supportTreatment consultation with providers

    • CPS Referrals

    • Community Referrals

    • Intervention Plan Meetings

    • 504 Meetings

    • IEP Meetings

    • Lead Counselor Meetings (monthly)

    • Department Meetings (weekly)

    • Administrative Team Meetings (weekly)

    • Faculty Meetings (monthly)

    • School Counseling Comprehensive Program Planning (monthly)

    • Supervision duties

    • Planning Parent Coffee presentations (monthly)

    • Promoting LCPS Parent Workshops (monthly)


    • August 10th - 6th Grade Transition Camp

    • August 16th - New student welcome event

    • August 22nd: Back to School Night/Open House

    • August 2022 (prior to school starting) Transition meetings with students and parents

    • August 2022: Finalize scheduling

    • August 2022: Department Meetings

    • August 22nd: Update and send out information about TJ, AOS & AET applications

    • Annual Student Outcome Goal Planning

    • Begin working on Annual Administrative Conferences with the Principal

    • August 22nd: County Wide Professional Development for Counselors


    • September 11th-13th: 6th- 8th Grade: Introduction to the SHMS Counselors Lesson in Resource & Spectrum

    • September 13th & 14th: Academies of Loudoun Presentations

    • September 2023 (throughout application window) Individual planning for students applying to Academies of Loudoun and TJ

    • Military Connected Group Intro Activity

    • September 29th: Parent Coffee Presentation: How to Help Your Child be Successful in Middle School

    • September 2023 (ongoing): Continuation of  AOS & AET application process

    • Annual Student Outcome Goal Planning

    • Annual Administrative Conferences with Principal

    • September 22nd Pull & review attendance data and other data for possible groups


    • October 2nd - 6th 8th Grade Signs of Suicide Presentations in Resource/Spectrum 

    • October 9 Start Groups (Attendance, Exec. Function, Anxiety)

    • October 7th - 20th: 6th Grade Bullying Lessons

    • October 28th - 30th: 7th Grade Healthy Relationships Lessons

    • October 28th-30th: 8th Grade Respecting Boundaries

    • October 17th-21st: Bullying Prevention themed Advisory Lessons

    • Military Connected Group Activity

    • October 21st: Parent Coffee Presentation: Overcoming Barriers to Student Success: Teen substance use

    • October 2023 (ongoing): Continuation of TJ, AOS & AET application process

    • Closing the Gap Action Plan

    • Fall Use of Time Assessment

    • October 30th (PM)- Advisory Council


    • November 2023 (ongoing): Mentoring Program

    • November 6-10: Sources of Strength training??

    • November 6-10 8th grade Executive Functioning Universal Presentations

    • November 13-17 6th  Grade Career Investigation Lessons 

    • through ICA (first semester students)

    • Nov. 13-17-7th grade ACP lessons in FCS

    • RP Attendance Circles: November 2022 (ongoing) 

    • Military Connected Group Activity

    • November 2023 (ongoing): Parent conferences for D/F students

    • November 2023  (ongoing post Q1) Grade change forms

    • November 1st: Fall EL Parent Information Session


    • December 2022 (ongoing): Mentoring Program

    • December 4th - 8th Exploring Mental Health

    • December 11th- 15th 8th grade Executive Functioning Workshop

    • RP Attendance Circles: December 2022 (ongoing)

    • December 2022 (ongoing): Parent conferences for D/F students

    • December 2022 (ongoing): Grade change forms

    • Coordinate course selection and scheduling timelines


    • January 4th & 5th - 8th Grade Substance Use Prevention lessons through PE classes (Fiona) 

    • January 9th - 6th Grade Substance Use Prevention lessons through PE classes

    • January 15-19- 8th Executive Functioning Lesson

    • January 23rd (start date): Course Selection Window starts  for Rising 7th, 8th and 9th Graders

    • January 2024 (ongoing): Mentoring Program: Complete Academic Success Plans for D/F students

    • RP Attendance Circles: January 2023

    • Military Connected Group Activity

    • January 4: Virtual Parent Presentation: CAMPUS Program 

    • January 5th: Parent Presentation: Rising 9th Grade Curriculum Night at High School

    • January 2023: Course recommendation discussion with IT’s 

    • January 2023 (ongoing): Parent conferences for D/F students

    • January 2023 (ongoing): Grade change forms

    • January 2023 (ongoing): Rising 6th grade transition activity planning 

    • January 2023 (ongoing): Rising 9th grade transition activity planning 

    • January 2023 (ongoing): Wellness Week Planning 


    • February 2023 (ongoing): Course Selection for Rising 7th, 8th and 9th Graders

    • February 2nd & 3rd 2023: High school transition presentations by Rock Ridge Counseling Department

    • February 8th and 9th 2023: High school transition visits by admin & athletics through 8th grade resource classes

    • February 2023 (ongoing): Mentoring Program

    • February 11th, 14th and 15th 2023: 7th Grade Career Investigation Lessons through FACS

    • February 18th, 23rd, 24th: Rising 6th Grade Visits at elementary schools

    • February 2023 (ongoing): Counselor Check ins through Resource and Spectrum

    • Military Connected Group Activity

    • February 6th: Parent Presentation: Rising 7th and 8th Grade Curriculum Night

    • February 22nd: Parent Coffee Presentation: Executive Functioning Skills

    • February 2023 (ongoing): Parent conferences for D/F students

    • February 2023 (ongoing): Grade Change Forms

    • February 2023 (ongoing): Course selection and changes 

    • February 2023 (ongoing): Wellness Week Planning 


    • March 2023 (ongoing): Course Selection for Rising 7th, 8th and 9th Graders

    • March 2023 (ongoing): Course selection information and support for rising 6th grade students

    • March 4-8  Second Round of Attendance Circles 

    • March 15th and 17th 2023: 6th Grade Career Investigation Lessons through ICA (2nd Semester) 

    • March 2023 (ongoing): Mentoring Program

    • Military Connected Group Activity

    • March 24: Parent Coffee Presentation: SEL and Academic Success 

    • March 2023 (ongoing):Parent conferences for D/F students

    • March 2023 (ongoing): Course selection and changes 

    • March 2023 (ongoing): Wellness Week Planning 


    • April 19th 2023: High school transition visit for 8th graders

    • April 24th-28th 2023: Mental Health & Wellness Week activities

    • April 2023 (ongoing): Course selection support for rising 6th grade families

    • April 2023 (ongoing): Course Selection for Rising 7th, 8th and 9th Graders

    • April 2023 (ongoing):Mentoring Program

    • Military Connected Group Activity

    • April 2023 (ongoing): Parent conferences for D/F students

    • April 2023 (ongoing): Virtual Loudoun Registrations 

    • Spring Use of Time Assessment

    • April 2023 (ongoing): Wellness Week Planning 


    • May 3rd-4th 2023: Rising 6th Grade Tour at Stone Hill

    • May 2023 (ongoing): Finalize course requests

    • May 2023 (ongoing): Mentoring Program

    • May: 8th Grade college search and career goal setting lessons through resource

    • Military Connected Group Activity

    • May 2023: Rising 6th grade transition meetings with elementary school staff 

    • May 2023 (ongoing): Parent conferences for D/F students

    • May 2023: Virtual Loudoun Registrations 

    • May 22nd: Spring Advisory Council Meeting


    • June 6th 2023: 8th Grade Awards Ceremony

    • June 2023 (ongoing): Grade Expungements

    • June 2023 (ongoing): Mentoring Program

    • June 2023 (ongoing): School Counselor Performance Appraisal

    • June 2023 (ongoing):: School Counselor Competencies Checklist

    • June 2023 (ongoing): Plan for 2022-2023 School Year

    • June 2023 (ongoing):Classroom and Group Mindsets Results

    • June 2023 (ongoing): Closing the Gap Results Report

    • June 2023 (ongoing): School Counseling Program Assessment

    • June 2023 (ongoing):Plan for 2023-2024 School Year

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